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AYM Construction has a strong working relationship with our clients over the past 25 years that has enabled us to expand our expertise. We are committed to exploring new and innovative technology to better serve our clients needs.

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Singaporean based BCA and Nparks registered firm

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From facades, roofing and flooring to culverts, electrical, plumbing and partitions, our general construction services span a wide range of works covering many areas.


We provide a wide range of landscaping works such as walkways, ponds, fencing, planter boxes, and astro turfing. We also offer landscape designing services.


We deal with a wide range of horticulture services such as garden design and maintenance, tree transplanting, general turfing, pollarding and irrigation services.

AYM’s Goals and Vision

AYM Construction Pte Ltd is planning to venture out into wider areas in their current field within the next biennium, towards a greater success. The success story of AYM Construction Pte Ltd is an indication of how strong it can be, and how a fruitful partnership can lead to success. AYM Construction Pte Ltd shall prosper leaps and bounds with the current leaders at fore, as they continue to develop and expand the company.

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