At AYM we focus on working with and improving the properties of our existing customers.
Unmaintained plants and landscape features often go neglected, resulting in overcrowding or unsightly surroundings. With AYM as your reputable contractor,  you can ensure that your features remain beautiful and presentable.

Our experts will carefully review each case before prescribing solutions to enhance your landscapes and key features. This could come in the form of prescribing the right fertilizers and soil control measures for each unique plant, to implementing a pest mitigation schedule. Our consultants can also recommend procedures such as tree transplanting, to embellish and augment key features.

Enhancement services often include the removal of existing overgrown or dying trees and shrubs and replanting as prescribed by a re-design. In other cases, the problem may be things like failing retaining walls or need of grade correction and drain tile. At AYM, our professional staff takes great pride in providing sustainable landscapes for the homeowner’s associations and commercial properties, we serve. We look forward to bringing your landscape back to life.

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Our landscape experts have a long-standing tradition of responding to the changing needs of the society allows everyone to flourish in their own way of living and continuously, drive into keeping the nation, a Garden in a City.

Our services include Landscape Construction, Design & Build, Green Roof and Vertical Wall Systems, Integrated Sustainable Landscapes, Landscape Maintenance, Event Plant Displays, Corporate Plant Rentals, and Arboriculture Consultancy, among many others.

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